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My goal is to post on Monday’s.

I will write about being a mom, traveling with children, traveling to Disney World, Disney cruising and whatever you all want!

See ya real soon!


1 week in. From-8/24/2016

We are one week in. One week into the new school year; one week into the major changes we have had with my sisters moving away to school. We are one week in to having a 4th grader, a first grader and a pre-kindergartner. We are surviving, so far.

It has been one week today since I dropped off my sisters at their dorm rooms, at their college that is 2.5 hours away (too far away for me…). That was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done, and if that was that bad for my sisters I cannot imagine what it will be like when it is one of MY kids…I am going to need a tranquilizer.

My boys are missing their “sissies” like crazy and cannot wait until they get to see them. We are 43 days and counting, not sure who is more excited for the countdown me or them. Before the girls left they did a very neat project with the boys, they had them each paint a Mason jar, the twins filled them with Hershey Kisses (one for every day they were going to be away, before they would be back) and put a tag on them that says “A Kiss from Sis.” So I am not sure if they really miss them that much or just want to eat candy every night before bed. The stretch of tears is getting further and further apart (from me…haha).

​The girls seem to be doing much better. The conversations with them are actually kind of funny. You now have to figure out if they are talking to you or someone else in their room or in the hallway. Carli made it to day 3 of classes before she found cute kids on campus….and Calli only made it 2 days before she turned in to the “Typical White College Student.” She wore her hole-y jeans with not a ‘real shirt’ (her words not mine, it was actually just a sweatshirt and may have been seen drinking a drink from Starbucks.

I wish I had something amazing and profound to say on this post and I am sure you are all going to get annoyed with me talking about my sisters being away but that’s my life.

As for my boys we are settling in to our new routine, Camdon is quickly learning first grade is a lot more work than kindergarten and 4th grade is starting out pretty good for Caiden. I have not had to do much teeth pulling for them to come home and get their homework done, so that has been nice. Cohen is once again enjoying the big boys being gone and getting Mommy to himself, but is always extremely ready for them to be home in the afternoons.

Oh my middle one is gonna give me a run for my money. From-9/19/2014

So driving home from school this afternoon talking to my boys about the weekend and out plans I told them they would be having a slumber party t their grandmas Saturday evening. When my middle boy (camdon) piped up “If we are having a slumber party, we will have I out on make-up!”
My oldest knew what he meant and started to freak out because he didn’t want to wear makeup.
I kindly informed them they do not have to wear make-up for a slumber party.
It’s a never ending guess of what Camdon is going to come up with next and Cohen is a close second. These boys are 4 & 2, what am I going to do when they are teens?
Do you have “class clowns?” Share dorm stories in the comments!!

Deep thought for tonight From-9/7/2014

Tonight while laying in my bed watching some tv with my oldest son he asked me a question. This question stumped me for a brief moment while I tried to decide how best to explain it to a child of his age.
Caiden asked me mommy why is prayer important? Wow right? Now Caiden knows what prayer is, he knows many different prayers, he goes to a Lutheran school he knows prayers by memory and will learn more over the years. But why is I important. Good question Caiden.
This is what I told him. (Basically this was a couple hours ago)
“Caiden prayer is an important part of your relationship with God. Do you know what a relationship is? A relationship is like a friendship, you know what friends are. Well talking to God in prayer is just as important as you talking to mom and dad. It is how we communicate. If we didn’t talk to each other we wouldn’t know how the other one felt, right? When we talk to each other our relationship becomes stronger because I know what you want and need and you know what I want and need. We understand each other better. And that is the same for you and God. When you pray you are talking to him like you talk to me or dad or a friend. You can tell him what you need and he will help you.”
He seemed to understand this and like Caiden has done many many times over the years in many situations he prayed. I hope tonight he was able to pray with a better understanding of what he was doing and why he was doing it.
I sure am pretty proud of the little man he is becoming.

Can I brag for just a second? From-9/1/2014

I had the most amazing experience with my oldest son today! He has always been my one to be in the kitchen with me.

He has always loved to help me in the kitchen no matter what I was making, whether it was something he would eat or not. (Caiden used to be an extremely picky eater, he has gotten better over they last couple of years but some days its still really hard to get him to try new foods).

Anyway, we started watching the show on the Food Network (free plug) called Rachael vs Guy: Kids Cook-Off. Well he wants to be like these kids and cook like them. So when we were watching it last night my husband said “Ok Caiden you want to cook, you can cook us all dinner tomorrow night.”

I’m not so sure Caiden thought we were serious at first. He was so excited, he picked out a new cookbook we have from The Pioneer Woman (another favorite show of his), choose 2 recipes from the cookbook and helped me make a list of what we needed to get from the grocery store today.

So this after noon my 7 1/2 year old son made us “Clouds with a chance of yummy Meatballs.”

He made Meatballs & Mashed Potatoes (Clouds), both from The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook “Recipes From an Accidental Country Girl,” dinner rolls & Camdon (4 years old) made us chocolate cream pie for dessert. He ended up feeding 7 people his meal and we were all extremely impressed on how great of a job he did!

“I’m proud of you” From-8/27/2014

So we had a busy weekend, work & family. My husband, Chris, had to deliver two custard carts for our restaurant to two local communities for festivals. So our weekend really started last Thursday when we delivered the two of them, however when we got to the second location we couldn’t just drop off the custard cart and leave, there was food to eat and rides to ride (according to my boys). So we had some dinner and bought the boys a sheet of tickets and let them ride some rides. However these rides cost us our 8pm bedtime. As we didn’t leave the picnic until 8:30 had to drive home, get everyone unloaded from the truck, get cleaned up and do our bedtime routine. Needless to say it was a late night and a very early morning.

Saturday morning some friends of our kiddos came to play. So 8am as Chris was walking out the door for a meeting I was getting 3 more kids on top of my own. So I had a 7 year old, a 6 year old, two 4 year olds, a 2 year old and a 18 month old. Some people may call me crazy, heck I may have even thought it myself, but it really wasn’t all that bad the kiddos are really close in age and they play really well together. And besides my wonderful husband came home after his meeting to help me! After the extra kiddos left, Chris and I dropped off our 3 little men with their grandma to play for a little bit so we could go pick up the custard carts that we delivered on Thursday. We got to talk to some friends, and I got to get a orange shake-up and most importantly I got to talk to Chris in the truck without screaming over the kids.

Sunday morning we decided since the weather had warmed up and it was finally hot enough to be in our pool, why don’t we invite some people over for swimming and dinner. So after I had worked at our restaurant over lunch on Sunday, I came home and made a pasta bar for about 20 people. We all had a good time and after the last of the crew left (around 930) my house and mostly my kitchen was trashed and I had wet towels laying everywhere!

Monday then arrived with another extremely hot day so what did we do invite people over to swim again…Don’t get me wrong I love my pool and I love all our family and friends that have been over to swim the last several days, but my house was suffering horribly.

Yesterday I spent the day at our restaurant for meeting and to help my sister at the eye doctor so again nothing got done in the house because we didn’t get home until 7pm and then it was time for our bed time routine again.

I have a point I promise I am getting to it…

So my house was in desperate need of some TLC today. I spent the morning cuddling and playing with my two younger boys but about 10:30 I had to get Camdon ready for school. We had lunch and got everyone dressed and ready. We dropped him off and Cohen and I headed to run errands. We got home in time for some housework before it was time to pick the boys up from school at 2. So in the hour between errands and picking them up, I picked up the living room & dining room, picked up and cleaned the kitchen, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher was was able to get 3 loads of laundry folded and put away, 2 more into the washer and dryer all while a 2 year old was unfolding everything and screaming to watch Olaf, Elsa & Ana yet again.

After school I got food laid out for dinner, folded and put away 3 more loads of laundry and picked up the living room again before Chris got home and wanted to hit the pool before the storms came though.

So my question is, where is my “I’m proud of you”? My boys come home from school every day showing me homework or artwork and asking, “Mommy are you proud?’ And of course I always am (and if you had seen my oldest’s artwork you would understand why. But a little appreciation goes a long way…I didn’t get everything done in my house today that I wanted to get done, but I accomplished a lot in a very little time slot. I am not the perfect homemaker I know that, I hate to clean and I hate to fold laundry. But I love my boys and I love my husband and when my kids can recognize that the house was a crazy mess this morning and they came home from school and its not anymore, my “I’m proud of you” is hiding in there somewhere.

My point is moms, our homes don’t have to look like it came out of a magazine everyday. Most days its going to look like a tornado hit it. It’s ok to miss just for a second your pre-kid days, when you could clean the house and pick everything up and it was like that for a week until you cleaned it again. The days when you washed the windows and they stayed clean for more that 20 minutes. The days when it was just you and the hubby and you could do 2 loads of laundry for all your clothes and not have to do laundry again for days. It is ok to feel this way, because as soon as you think about it, one of your kiddos is gonna run up to you and need something or just give you a hug and you are going to remember why the finger prints on the glass, the dirty clothes laying everywhere, and the dishes piled in the sink are really not that big a deal and you wouldn’t trade lives back for anything.

Monday Morning/Back to School Resolution From-8/25/2014

After a busy weekend we have started our first full week of school.  We are officially back in the school schedule zone, I wouldn’t say we are running like a well oiled machine just yet but we are getting there!

I made a “Back to School Resolution” for myself.  I don’t know if any of you other moms did but my goal was to make myself, my house & my boys more organized.   This has been a dream of mine for awhile and I have pushed myself to do it and am so far doing good.

I am not a fan of cleaning so this was part of my organization, find a way to get my house cleaned (wish I could find a way for it to stay that way, haha I know I have 3 boys).  So this is what I did.  I had come across a pintrest post or another blog somewhere of a mom who made a Household Binder.  So I decided I wanted to do it as well, I started researching HouseHold Management Binders to see what all I wanted to include in mine.  I took great pieces from a couple of other blog mom’s and put mine together.  So I will share with you what I did!

I got a binder, a cute one!  If you are anything like me if its cute I am going to be more likely to look at it.  So I picked this one up when I took my boys school supply shopping.


I made myself a Cover page and I put in 7 dividers for each of the “subjects” I wanted to get more organized in or just have somewhere I could reference them if and when I needed to.  I got myself a new pencil bag as well as some new markers & some new dry erase markers.  Since I also am putting most of my papers in sheet protectors (to save ink in my printer) you can use the dry erase makers with your checklists!


Like I said I have 7 dividers
1.  Cleaning Lists
2.  Calendars
3.  Meal Planning
4.  Recipes
5.  Baby-SItter Information
6.   Important Papers
7.   Blog Notes

Now in some of these dividers I have multiples pages of checklists or information.

For Example, in my cleaning lists tab I have Daily, Weekly, Montly/Semi-Annual Cleaning Lists
In Calendars, I have Weekly & Monthly Calendars as well as a list of Important Dates for the entire year

If you are interested in any of these sheets I will make them available for you to download!

And if you are a mom who are extremely organized or just one who has been doing something like this longer than I please please please comment and let me know your tips & tools of the trade!  I am just beginning but so far its working for me.

Like I said before I am not one for cleaning…I like certain parts like most of us, its really too bad we can’t make a mom progressive cleaning party then each mom’s entire house could get cleaned and you would only have to do what you don’t mind (notice I didn’t say like…) to clean.  Maybe I’m on to something…we have food and/or wine at each house, we eat we have fun and everyone’s house gets cleaned…Who wants an invite?