Not about Traveling – Mom Time?

I know as moms we do not get much free time to ourselves. I know I don’t.  So with this taken into consideration I started thinking about free time.

My days as a stay at home mom are spent cleaning up mess after mess after mess.  Right now I have all 3 boys home with me as we are done with our school year.  My boys if you do not already know are 10, 7 & 4 and they can make some pretty epic messes.  My day starts usually pretty early as my kids do NOT know how to sleep in.  Like really 7:30 is sleeping in for them; they have been told when they are teenagers and want to sleep in, I will be getting up early and waking them on days off.  Believe me that will be just as much of a punishment for me as it is them, I hate mornings.  Anyway, my oldest is always up early, he is an early worm to say the least.  But anyway my day starts with “Mom, can we have breakfast?” (Like I am going to tell them no….)  Thankfully Caiden (the oldest) can make his own breakfast and is pretty good about helping his brothers get some too.  I eventually start moving as I am NOT a morning person.  So the first thing I usually do is find myself breakfast, which means COFFEE!  I then clean up breakfast mess which with 3 boys is always a huge mess! I usually then unload & reload the dishwasher – or run it if I forgot to run it the night before.  I gather dirty laundry from around the house and start a load of laundry, make my bed, pick up toys in my bedroom.  You get the idea, you all of a routine that works for you whether you stay at home or not.

Now if you have not found your routine and would like to see a copy of what I go by I would love to share, just let me know!

I usually get a few minutes here or there when they are getting along for the few brief moments between me yelling at them to get along or to tell the oldest he cannot punish the younger one that, that is my job. But other than that is usually a pretty crazy day.  Even when they are in school its usually go go go!

But what I am talking about it time to yourself.  Do you take any daily time to yourself to unwind?  What do you do after the last kiddo goes to bed?  Do you take the time to spend with your spouse? Do you take the time to yourself getting caught up on the day’s mess?  Do you hide somewhere with a glass of wine?

Most evenings after my youngest (who is my night owl) finally goes to bed, it is a constant tug of war in my head.  I usually come back upstairs and sit down on the couch and breathe for a second and then look around at the mess that they had made that evening.  Floors that need swept, dishes loaded in the dishwasher, laundry to be folded and/or put away, you get the picture.  It is a crazy game of tug of war in my head – do I get up and work on the mess or leave it there for the next morning and sit and watch a little tv, read on my ipad, and just unwind.

On occasion, if my husband and I are not too worn out from the day we will watch a movie or a tv show together.  But it usually is Chris heading to bed shortly after the boys and me having the viscous tug of war in my head of to get up and clean or to sit and relax.

So I want to hear from you!  What do you do?  Please tell me I am not the only one that would rather sit down and watch “The Bachelor” on Mondays then mop the kitchen floor??  Please tell me I am not alone!


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