More Flying Tips

Ok so if you have ever flown with a small child (or children) you know it can go one of 2 ways.  Really Really Well (like how did this happen to me well) or Really Really Bad (like crawl in a hole and die).

So here are a few tips, yes today you get multiple because well they go together.

* Everyone gets gum to chew!  Little ones’ get munchies or fruit snacks.  Keep those little ears popping!

* Mommy packs baby wipes, shout wipes, and Ziploc bags & Walmart bags or a Wet Bag (if you are a cloth diaper momma you will know what this is) for any unforeseen accidents…or messes.

* Children get a new book, coloring book & crayons (the twistables travel very well), or game to play with…quietly. (Dollar store is a great place to pick up new things that will keep them busy, and its cheap!)

* Mommy and Daddy always carry cell phones, and do not turn them off until they say you have to and turn them back on as soon as you can, this way if there is a separation you can get a hold of one another.

*In addition to this, Mom & Dad, have a chat before you land, know what to do in case you would get separated, make sure you know where to meet, baggage claim, car rental spot, or if you are going to Disney meet at Magical Express.

*  Be prepared for a delay on the tarmac.  Remember, you cannot get up while the aircraft is on the tarmac.  You must be prepared to find the kids something to do…This is when the dollar store finds come in really handy (if you haven’t used all your stash).

* Take a few gift cards to “Starbucks” or such (just a couple dollars will do the trick, enough for a small coffee or treat).  You can use them as bartering tools on the aircraft if you need to switch someone a seat, or to apologize for anxious or scared children.  I have taken the snack bags or candy helps with kiddos and who doesn’t like chocolate!

**ALWAYS REMEMBER**  If you are flying one way, you are most likely flying round trip, so all your tips need to be doubled so that you have goodies and such for the flight homel.


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