Flying with Littles :)

Ok so today’s travel tip is an easy one.  But it makes complete sense if you are traveling with small children.

If your children have never flown before (or like mine only once and it was years ago) and are somewhat old enough to understand first of explain to them how this is going to work.  Let them know that you are going to be in a small space for “insert length of time here”

Tip #1 for today is BEFORE you get on the plane, make sure everyone, yes EVERYONE takes a bathroom break as close to boarding time as possible.  This means change any diapers you may need to change (we put a pull up on our toddler who was potty trained just in case of an accident) and yes Mom & Dad you need one too (a potty break, not a pullup)!  You do not want to have to go into the airplane bathroom.

Tip #2 for today is once you are boarding the plane, in your “Mom-Dad Choo-Choo” Dad you take care of stowing away the carry-on baggage, and mom you make sure the little ones are in their seats and are getting their seat belts on or putting them on for them.  Make sure you don’t stow away the bag with the goodies & the things to do for the kids.

For whatever reason people seem to get a little testy on airplanes, maybe its the small space, but try to put everything you are going to absolutely NEED in a bag that you keep at your feet.  This will save you from the eye rolls and ugly sighs from the passenger under your carry-on.

Tip #3 for today – go to the Dollar Tree and get new little things to keep littles busy.  Yes tablets work great and so do their favorite diaper bag toys, but only for awhile.  Give them something new to play with, new coloring book & crayons, a hotwheel car etc…If it’s something they have never seen it will keep their attention a little longer.

~Just another tip to ease your mind about traveling with small children!


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