The Mom – Dad “Choo-Choo”

Today’s tip works anywhere you are traveling with children, certainly not just Disney world. We called them “The Mom-Dad Train” with our boys basically because our boys are boys and well they like Choo-Choo Trains.

We use “The Mom-Dad Choo-Choo” for everything.  This includes going into rooms, aircrafts, and busses and rides at WDW, basically when you are traveling anywhere.

Usually Mommy goes first, the kids, then Daddy.  If we get separated, first group waits for second.

We have 3 boys and usually have 2 of them “buckle up” to each other (hold hands) and Chris or I are usually holding hands with Cohen.

We have used this on all of our trips to Disney World with our boys. Thankfully we have never been separated but at least we have a plan in place just in case.   It is so easy to get caught up with your surroundings when you are traveling, but if you have a plan in place it will ease your mind so you are not so afraid of loosing a child.

~Just another tip to ease your mind about traveling with small children!


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