Flying Traveling Tip

Are you flying on your next vacation?  Here is an extremely valuable tip.

Move your keys, wallet, loose change, cell phones, watches, belts, etc into large zip-lock bags before getting in line for security.  Keep one large zip-lock bag for each traveler (well the ones who will have stuff to move over).  They fold up small and will fit into a side pocket of whatever carry-on you will be bringing with you.  Before you get to the security line move everything over and once you have gone through when you are putting your shoes back on you can put everything back in your pockets.  Or you can wait until you find your gate and put everything back where it needs to be once you are just sitting there waiting for your plane.

This will make the trip through the airport faster, and you will be less likely to loose items.

~Just another tip to ease your mind about traveling with small children!


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