1 week in. From-8/24/2016

We are one week in. One week into the new school year; one week into the major changes we have had with my sisters moving away to school. We are one week in to having a 4th grader, a first grader and a pre-kindergartner. We are surviving, so far.

It has been one week today since I dropped off my sisters at their dorm rooms, at their college that is 2.5 hours away (too far away for me…). That was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done, and if that was that bad for my sisters I cannot imagine what it will be like when it is one of MY kids…I am going to need a tranquilizer.

My boys are missing their “sissies” like crazy and cannot wait until they get to see them. We are 43 days and counting, not sure who is more excited for the countdown me or them. Before the girls left they did a very neat project with the boys, they had them each paint a Mason jar, the twins filled them with Hershey Kisses (one for every day they were going to be away, before they would be back) and put a tag on them that says “A Kiss from Sis.” So I am not sure if they really miss them that much or just want to eat candy every night before bed. The stretch of tears is getting further and further apart (from me…haha).

‚ÄčThe girls seem to be doing much better. The conversations with them are actually kind of funny. You now have to figure out if they are talking to you or someone else in their room or in the hallway. Carli made it to day 3 of classes before she found cute kids on campus….and Calli only made it 2 days before she turned in to the “Typical White College Student.” She wore her hole-y jeans with not a ‘real shirt’ (her words not mine, it was actually just a sweatshirt and may have been seen drinking a drink from Starbucks.

I wish I had something amazing and profound to say on this post and I am sure you are all going to get annoyed with me talking about my sisters being away but that’s my life.

As for my boys we are settling in to our new routine, Camdon is quickly learning first grade is a lot more work than kindergarten and 4th grade is starting out pretty good for Caiden. I have not had to do much teeth pulling for them to come home and get their homework done, so that has been nice. Cohen is once again enjoying the big boys being gone and getting Mommy to himself, but is always extremely ready for them to be home in the afternoons.