Oh my middle one is gonna give me a run for my money. From-9/19/2014

So driving home from school this afternoon talking to my boys about the weekend and out plans I told them they would be having a slumber party t their grandmas Saturday evening. When my middle boy (camdon) piped up “If we are having a slumber party, we will have I out on make-up!”
My oldest knew what he meant and started to freak out because he didn’t want to wear makeup.
I kindly informed them they do not have to wear make-up for a slumber party.
It’s a never ending guess of what Camdon is going to come up with next and Cohen is a close second. These boys are 4 & 2, what am I going to do when they are teens?
Do you have “class clowns?” Share dorm stories in the comments!!


Deep thought for tonight From-9/7/2014

Tonight while laying in my bed watching some tv with my oldest son he asked me a question. This question stumped me for a brief moment while I tried to decide how best to explain it to a child of his age.
Caiden asked me mommy why is prayer important? Wow right? Now Caiden knows what prayer is, he knows many different prayers, he goes to a Lutheran school he knows prayers by memory and will learn more over the years. But why is I important. Good question Caiden.
This is what I told him. (Basically this was a couple hours ago)
“Caiden prayer is an important part of your relationship with God. Do you know what a relationship is? A relationship is like a friendship, you know what friends are. Well talking to God in prayer is just as important as you talking to mom and dad. It is how we communicate. If we didn’t talk to each other we wouldn’t know how the other one felt, right? When we talk to each other our relationship becomes stronger because I know what you want and need and you know what I want and need. We understand each other better. And that is the same for you and God. When you pray you are talking to him like you talk to me or dad or a friend. You can tell him what you need and he will help you.”
He seemed to understand this and like Caiden has done many many times over the years in many situations he prayed. I hope tonight he was able to pray with a better understanding of what he was doing and why he was doing it.
I sure am pretty proud of the little man he is becoming.

Can I brag for just a second? From-9/1/2014

I had the most amazing experience with my oldest son today! He has always been my one to be in the kitchen with me.

He has always loved to help me in the kitchen no matter what I was making, whether it was something he would eat or not. (Caiden used to be an extremely picky eater, he has gotten better over they last couple of years but some days its still really hard to get him to try new foods).

Anyway, we started watching the show on the Food Network (free plug) called Rachael vs Guy: Kids Cook-Off. Well he wants to be like these kids and cook like them. So when we were watching it last night my husband said “Ok Caiden you want to cook, you can cook us all dinner tomorrow night.”

I’m not so sure Caiden thought we were serious at first. He was so excited, he picked out a new cookbook we have from The Pioneer Woman (another favorite show of his), choose 2 recipes from the cookbook and helped me make a list of what we needed to get from the grocery store today.

So this after noon my 7 1/2 year old son made us “Clouds with a chance of yummy Meatballs.”

He made Meatballs & Mashed Potatoes (Clouds), both from The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook “Recipes From an Accidental Country Girl,” dinner rolls & Camdon (4 years old) made us chocolate cream pie for dessert. He ended up feeding 7 people his meal and we were all extremely impressed on how great of a job he did!